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Floor Envy is solidly committed to providing exceptional quality products and service with a unique process that makes us stand out in the industry. Our flooring experts will provide product education, style advice and  Collaborative project planning to help our clients feel confident in their flooring choices. If you are looking to start a flooring renovation with an experienced flooring contractor that guarantees and exceeds industry standards, reach out and take your first step toward perfection.

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Easy to clean floors and smudge free paint are a few of the many kid-friendly home solutions we can provide in your new space.


Scratch resistant yet beautiful flooring or a luxury pet door? If your pet is a priority we have the home design tools to accommodate them too!


We can provide remodeling solutions to ease in independence for your senior loved ones at home.

Commercial Renovation

Our expertise extends beyond home renovations to your commercial renovation projects. We believe that it is important for businesses to address the design and layout of their commercial space in order to fully maximize their sales potentials. Our designers and builders use proven tools of the trade in order to appreciate the value of your property and bring in more business.


We offer as much (or as little) interior design consultation as needed and can even provide visual renderings of what your final project will look like.

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Services Warranty

At Floor Envy we take endless pride in our work. We always stand behind the craftsmanship of our projects and the quality of our products. That is why all of our work is held under a two year labour warranty. Product warranty varies by manufacturer.


We take care of those little details

Demolition Cleanup

We are happy to dispose of the old flooring leftover after your new modern products are installed.

How To Take Care Of Your New Floor

Frequently asked flooring questions

How does the extensive quoting process work?

We pride ourselves on offering a unique flooring experience, collaborating with our clients and ensuring they are educated and informed about product and installation options with complete transparency. Together, we choose and plan based on what work’s for our clients. When quoting, we are careful to include all anticipated costs, to avoid surprises. We’ll even tell you the costs that we can’t predict but could become a possibility.

Will our flooring end up costing us much more than quoted?

We’ve heard the horror stories of mounting and unexpected costs in flooring and renovation projects. Although we can’t always know every cost ahead of time, with our experience we are extremely accurate in our estimates. We focus on transparency, and ensure our clients know what to reasonably expect, and what costs can’t be predicted ahead of time.

When is the best time in my renovation process to hire you?

We are always here to help if your home renovation has come into problems or you are finding you are in over your head BUT the best time to hire us is in the very beginning stages of home renovation. We can plan, render designs and hire the best people from the start. Saving you money and stress!

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